Friday, July 29, 2005

cutting edge

i might shamelessly borrow a phrase from the latest cutting edge magazine about 'jesus-brand spirituality' - the key term being 'jesus-brand'. i like it.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

newfoundland daylight time

slowly adjusting my circadian rhythm back into sync with BST, but a late night last night and lack of sleep contribute to a general feeling of being a few hours off the pace.

it's nice to be home though - mrs hope arrived back this morning too. i've one more day in the office this week before we head off to france for a wedding. we're taking a long weekend, so that should be nice after our hectic fortnight across the pond.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

children of the revolution

driving back from lancaster to anaheim we stopped by a computer store in the sprawling mass that is los angeles which was recommended to us by a friend. mrs hope and i have joined the 'dark side' and bought a mac. it's second-hand, wi-fi enabled, has the latest updates installed and is slightly scraped and smudged but otherwise fine. we were served by a graceful elderly man whom we instantly knew to be of middle eastern origin. it turned out he was a iranian jew, who had lived in leeds for two years before moving out to california. he had been forced to leave iran when the revolution took place (we smiled and pretended we knew what he was referring to, being kids ourselves when it took place) and could not go back. it was sad.

this trip has been very busy - hardly a holiday at all. it has felt like two weeks of meeting extended family - thoroughly exhausting but equally rewarding and fun. people have been so very very good to us and, by God's great grace, we have been a blessing in return by doing things that have been enjoyable to us!

Thursday, July 07, 2005

deep down south

mrs hope and i are currently enjoying some amazing southern hospitality in charleston, south carolina. we're out here on work/holiday (respectively) for a few more days. on saturday we head over to los angeles for more work/holiday, nice huh?

it has been a great trip so far - we've enjoyed a wonderful three day road trip down through the mountains of virginia and north carolina. the scenery was amazing, both the natural and the man made.

charleston has also been good - we've met up with great old friends and made great new friends too. we've managed to work, rest and play in all the right proportions; we've also eaten tremendously well (but not too much!).

see you in l.a!